Why clutter is bad for you

Clutter is more than just a housekeeping issue – it is a welfare issue. Physical clutter creates emotional turmoil that can distract you and limit your performance.

In addition, researchers analysed a number of families and found that there was a cortisol spike (the stress hormone) in mothers who were confronted with chaos in the home. Research shows that mess has the same effect on our brains as trying to multi-task, causing us to feel pressure, stress and the inability to think properly.

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Clutter can even affect your weight. According to a study in Australia and America, people eat more snacks when in a chaotic environment. For Self Storage Highbridge, visit a site like Leakers, a provider of Self Storage Highbridge

Chances are you are not going to declutter your entire home in a day. It takes time to accumulate stuff, and it will take time to get rid of them too. Try setting yourself up for success by creating a plan and targeting the specific areas you can declutter one by one. Some simple ways to start include:

Test whether you will miss it. Set aside a few items that you do not currently use into a box and seal it. If you do not open the box within a year, donate the goods inside to charity or give them away.

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Digitize. The world of technology has spawned a variety of new opportunities to streamline your home and office space. Store images and documents on your computer along with music, movies, and other files.

Keep surfaces and floors clear. Space can immediately be seen more clearly if all flat surfaces and floors remain clear.