Why Commercial Kitchens are the Hottest New Trend in Kitchen Design

Once upon a time, stainless steel kitchens were the preserve of restaurants, catering companies and institutions such as schools or hospitals. However trends in industrial chic as well as a desire for functionality have seen these traditionally commercial options increasingly installed into domestic premises.

Industrial Chic
As well as stainless steel units, these kitchens also include open wire-shelving, glass fronted fridges and even trendy industrial lighting. All of these tie in nicely with the growing trend towards industrial features in the home, where we’re seeing more metal in every corner of the home as well as worn wood, concrete and exposed workings . Industrial chic celebrates function and industrial architecture and can be incorporated all-round the house, from tables and chairs to lighting solutions. It was only a matter of time before the demand for highly functional kitchens became a popular choice for homeowners.

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Function and Quality

Much of the trend can also be attributed to home cooks wanting to produce restaurant (or TV cookery show) standard food at home. Larger, higher grade stoves will ultimately produce better quality food thanks to consistent heat and more accurate dials. Commercial kitchens are arguably easier to clean, more hygienic and better laid out. As much as people want things that look nice, we want results with appliances that work.

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Professional Extras

Another reason for the trend is the fact that it’s easier to add professional extras. This means installing the kind of appliances you only see in restaurants or on cookery shows, such as grease traps for commercial kitchens like those sold at http://www.ukgreasetrapsdirect.co.uk/.

How to Achieve the Look

Those looking to incorporate a commercial-style kitchen into their home have two main choices. They can either buy proper commercial kitchens from trade suppliers, which will ensure they are getting the right look as well as the function and quality, or they can buy reproductions which look the part but are not as functional. When going for the former option, it doesn’t have to cost too much as homeowners can choose to buy a few freestanding units and a bit of wire shelving for lower cost than a full kitchen, but still achieve the look and enjoy the function.

Commercial kitchens are certainly set to be one of the hottest trends for 2017.