Why We Should Sew

With so many stores offering discounted clothing and cheap imports, why is there any need to even think about the art of sewing and dressmaking? Is sewing a thing of the past, a skill no longer needed? Here we look at some of the reasons why sewing is a life skill that should still be taught:

Home Decoration

You don’t need to buy a top of the range sewing machine to get creative around the house. There are so many things you can make for your home from cushions to curtains and all in the exact material and style of your choosing. You don’t need to be incredibly skilled either, as long as you can cut fabric and sew a straight line then you get started straight away. Imagine all the beautiful, unique items you could make for your home décor, totally bespoke and not available in the shops! Cover an old headboard in new fabric, it’s much cheaper than buying a new one or make some covers for tired dining chairs. You’ll find a massive range of fabric available and plenty of online tutorials. For all kinds of Dressmaking Fabric, visit http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp

Kid’s Clothing

Nothing could be simpler than making a small kid’s t-shirt or skirt for a little girl. The other great thing about learning basic sewing is that it opens a whole new world of embellishing existing clothes. Put some fresh life into older clothes by sewing on sequins, fabric patches, buttons or lace. There is no limit but your imagination. You can make your child’s clothing unique to him or her, for example, if they are interested in something that you can’t find in clothing departments then you can tailor a garment to your own requirements. Pillowcases, hair bows, dolls clothes and cute bags – there are so many ideas for sewing for children.

Environmentally Friendly

As more people become concerned with sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, the more important sewing becomes. Having a knowledge of basic sewing skills means you can repurpose any item made from fabric. You can turn an old sweatshirt into a cushion cover or an old men’s shirt into a girl’s dress. This can be a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying past-time. Don’t think ‘throw away’ but what can I turn this into?

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Save Money

As a result of repurposing, of course you will be saving money. Sewing also gives you the ability to make simple repairs to upholstery and clothing. Extending the life of an otherwise perfectly good garment will save you replacing it just because some buttons are missing or the hem has come down. Imagine how much cheaper birthdays and Christmas could be if you could use leftover material and some creative imagination to make handmade gifts. Such unique, handmade gifts will mean so much more to the recipient from the time and effort you’ve put into the item. You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you’ve made your first items which is not something you feel when you’ve bought an item in a shop.