The future of shopping trolleys

In the future, we might all be pushing a trolley with a mini touchscreen placed in the handle to make shopping trips just a little bit easier. The screen displays a layout of the store, including the location of items in each aisle and it will also keep track of where you are in the store to tell you what items are on sale in the hallway that is running.

As store sizes increase, many designers are looking for a better way for buyers to get around. One possible idea is a trolley complete with retractable platform that a shopper can stand on that transports around via a steering wheel to shift around the store with an electric motor that can be recharged. The control panel is also equipped with an LCD screen to help shoppers find items in the store.

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Trolleys normally cost between £80-100 each, so no store wants to lose them unnecessarily to thieves. Most towns and cities have one or more companies whose primary business is to retrieve and restore trolleys to their rightful owner for a fee. For a replacement Supermarket Trolley, visit a store like

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However, many stores are taking proactive measures to stop trolleys from going missing at all,  by installing an anti-theft protection system –  a plastic cap which slams down on one of the front wheels every time a trolley crosses over a magnetic barrier in the car park, basically stopping it dead. Only an employee can remotely unlock the wheel with special electronic keys.