How to use Instagram for the business

How to optimize your profile and find new opportunities with the social image.

If you use Instagram for work, maybe you are in one of those moments where you alternate hate love for this instrument. There have been many news recently. I have collected some tricks and innovations tested in the first person. I now want to share them with Millionaire readers exclusively.

1 Enter direct response advertising in stories

Direct response advertising in user Stories on Instagram has recently been possible. With this type of advertising you can direct your traffic directly to the landing page of your site or request users to install a mobile app. Facebook (through which you can activate advertisements on Instagram) has therefore provided not only the Awareness goal for campaigns in Stories, but also Conversions: anyone can now activate campaigns with which to directly promote the purchase of products or the download of App.

2 Use DM (direct message) to send discount coupons

Many brands use automatic DMs (a bit like Twitter), through which you send welcome messages to new followers. But DMs can be much more useful. For example, you can use them to send discount coupons or targeted offers to your followers. Or to offer the influencers, perhaps in exchange for a mention, a gift card to use in their online store. DMs, being personal messages, encourage conversations with users, even in groups: if used well they can give your brand a much more human aspect. Try them, but without spam!

3 Optimize your name

On Instagram you have little space available to write and you have to optimize it to make you find more easily. Do not just enter the name of your company, add keywords. For example, if your brand is called Goodfood and you take care of catering in Milan, you could call your profile “Goodfood-Catering in Milan”. So you will appear along with other profiles to follow when someone will follow another user who uses the same keywords.

4 Mention other accounts

If you have other accounts linked to your brand, mention them in the bio. Mentioning your other profiles, users who follow you can more easily discover other profiles managed by you.

5 Change the link in the bio and make it

The link in the bio is a source of traffic to your site / blog / ecommerce. It often changes the URL and tracks clicks using the UTMs, so as to monitor the traffic in Google Analytics in a precise way. You can also use an external service,, with which to change the url faster and offer more options. Or you could create an ad hoc web page on your site, where you can collect links or special offers dedicated only to your followers.