Google Search Engine Pays Attention To Description Meta Tags, But Not Keywords Meta Tags

People going in search of Keywords to get ranked their page fast and easy, but do you know that Google Search Engine Reported that Meta tag Keywords is a spam making to rank your website. Google Search Engine never pays the interest of Meta tag Keywords but highest priority goes to Meta Description.

And it is not that Google Search Engine ignores all Meta tags of particular information, but it uses the Meta description to get in the search engine results.

When it comes to working SEO specialist on a website or blog, never go search for Meta tag Keywords, because it has passed years that Google is ignoring Meta Tag Keywords, the important thing is to do is gather all new information in your content, with relevant title of your content. The total stuff and information about your content should be the in the single Title name.

Why Google, Do not use Keywords Meta Tags?

You know that what Keywords are about, it’s single word information to track visitors to the pages, but in this process many top websites which are related to the keywords gone to down, and unwanted websites are coming to the top search results.

For example, let’s consider that a person searched for “Service for my warranty Apple laptop”! Now look carefully that it has may Keywords in it, they are (Laptop services, Apple Laptop services, laptop repair, Service, Apple, Laptop, PC services and so on). If these are used as Meta tag keywords! A person gets tracked to some unwanted websites instead of going to the genuine one. So this is why Google does not use Keywords Meta Tags.

Google Uses the Description Meta tags the Top Priority

Maybe it is hard to express your total content, article or video in single title of your post, then you have another chance to show or tell what your post is about. It is nothing but description Meta tags which appears underneath the title of your post in Search engine results. Your description can also be used as keywords if you use some related keywords in your content.

With this you can simply get on top search results and attract people to drive to your website and so on.

Never go in a hurry to get your page ranked fast because they are millions of posts, video uploads daily, so it is hard to get your website ranked unless you have genuine content in it.

Note: all search engines want to provide relevant content to the users, so they bring on the best quality posts on top search results. So never keep deep interest on keywords, write a quality content automatically your page will be ranked fast and easy.