5 Reasons You Should Go Camping

Camping is a great past time that many individuals and families alike enjoy. There is nothing better than getting back to nature, away from noisy metropolitan environments and the stress of work life.  A camping trip may be just what you need to bring some peace into your life. If you are still not convinced, here are five reasons you should go camping.

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  1. Camping resets our biological clocks. This can help greatly with sleep. The reason it does this is because it disconnects from the world of work, stress, artificial light and screens.
  2. It increases your Vitamin D intake. Camping forces you to spend more time outdoors than you normally would spend. This means more time in the daylight and the sun. Considering that it’s near impossible to get enough vitamin D all year round in the UK with the average lifestyle, it’s a great reason to go camping.
  3. Camping gives you practise at problem solving. Being away from home, and having to make do with only a few basic items, a tent, a fire, and a sleeping bag, forces us to be more creative when problems do arise. This is great exercise for our brains, and can come in handy when applied to everyday life.

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  1. More exercise. When camping, you’re more likely to have to walk long distances whether in the woods, or even to find the toilets if you’re on a campsite! This means that you will get more exercise which is great for your overall physical health and mental well-being.
  2. Camping is educational for children. As I said earlier, camping gives you plenty of opportunities for problem solving. This is great for children, as it forces them to use their brains in a creative way. They will also have to find more ways to entertain themselves without toys, or screens.

Hopefully these five reasons to go camping have persuaded you to give it a try. To get all the equipment you need, look for camping shops Ireland. I personally recommend Basecamp.