Where to See the Best of Nature this Autumn

There is a lot to see and do in the Woodlands during the autumn – the autumn months are a great time to get out and see natures displays all around.

Treat yourself to some new mens designer clothes to keep you warm and cosy and take a short break to one somewhere where you can see the autumn colours and displays of nature at their best…

Rivington Gardens – These beautiful gardens are part of Rivington wood. The ancient ruin like feel to the place lends it an enchanted and magical air as you explore the gardens and woodland with the overgrown plants reclaiming the structures. The gardens were created by Lord Leverhulme to be a beautiful place, but it was abandoned by the mid-1920s and has remained that way ever since.

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Coniston in Cumbria – This beautiful area with the stunning water views and the mountainous backdrop is a spectacle to behold, as the autumn sun lights up the forests below. Take a trip on the boat on Coniston water to see the views from a different angle.

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Rhinefield Forest is part of the beautiful New Forest and is a true blaze of colourful glory in the autumn months. Home to some of England’s tallest trees, you may also be lucky enough to see the annual stag rut if you head down here in the autumn – as the stags lock antlers for the does it is one of natures greatest autumn shows.