Always Watching

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is everywhere and we are so accustomed to seeing the cameras that we do not even notice them anymore. This kind of surveillance occurs in areas such as stores, restaurants, streets, casinos, hotels, airports, homes and hospitals. Indeed, wherever there are groups of people, there is the possibility of watching cameras.

The great big Loom Boom

When you think of cars being fixed in a garage, like me, you might picture mechanics with oil stained overalls holding spanners. I don’t think of a car being a computer but modern vehicles are a lot more electronic than you may realise. It is for this reason that you should try and store them out of the effects of the extremes weather such as rain and snow and utilise your garage. If your garage is need of a bit of tlc why not contact a Garage Doors Essex company…

The house with a lawnmower museum

Hidden deep in the darkest depths of Cornwall is a Tudor/Elizabethan delight of a property now owned by the National Trust. If you can find the little roads that stem off of the A30 or the A3075 this beauty is snuck away in a little dell offering picturesque views a and house of size and style. Built in the Tudor period and still features all of the features one would expect with an opulent manor of the time. It is also the conservatory of an ancient orchard that contains historic…

This is how diamonds are mined

Have you ever wondered how the diamond in your ring gets from the earth to your finger? Did you know that mining for diamonds is one of the most resource-heavy and lengthy processes that man must go through in order to find these precious stones? Technology has advanced and made the process slightly easier but finding diamonds remains a combination of science and art. Here are some of the techniques applied to find and mine these most beautiful gems:

What Causes Damage to Glass?

Damaged or broken glass not only looks horrible but will greatly reduce the warmth, insulation and security of a property. Broken glass is terrible at insulating and can also draw unwanted attention from potential vandals and thieves. How can you tell whether glass is broken to the point where the window should be replaced or fix?

Popular architecture choices

Fabric structures are becoming more and more popular. Attractive, flexible and hard wearing, they can increasingly be seen in anything from shopping centres to churches, exhibition centres and markets, but what exactly are the fabrics made from and how do they withstand the wear and tear of everyday life? After all, fabric buildings must be able to withstand the elements in addition to being strong, durable and safe. Many people have this question which is why they choose to still go with the traditional building with a standard structure.  Even…

Where is a great trade fair venue?

Trade fairs have garnered a lot of popularity recently for the antidote they provide to faceless marketing. With the advent of social media and online business presences, many companies have switched to an almost entirely electronic approach; however, studies have shown that there is still a genuine desire from customers and investors to connect with businesses on a personal level. The face-to-face opportunities provided by industry trade shows are second to none and can be a great way for you and your business to return to tried and tested methods…

What are hydraulics and how do they work?

The word ‘hydraulics’ originally simply meant ‘water pipes’ (Greek hydor-aulos). It referred to the technology of moving water, or moving things using water, from one place to another. Although most ancient hydraulics were plumbing, powerful engineering applications were soon developed using pumps and waterwheels. The Romans used it extensively to mine lead and gold. Hydraulic power became the electricity of the ancient world.