How Can You Reduce Weight by Drinking Tea

You may prefer drinking tea during morning if evening. But you are just drinking the tea for your refreshment. Have you ever through that tea has many benefits. Apart from reducing stress and tension, it is very effective in reducing our extra calories from your body. Tea contains anti-oxidants that help in reducing the oxidation of the body cells, thus preventing ageing. It is better to drink tea twice a tea. There are various flavours of tea available in the market.  You can choose one according to your requirements. With the wide range of advantages tea provides you, it is one of the best ways to shed fat from the body.

Among all the tea variety available, green tea is the most effective in reducing the extra fat from your body and gives you a slim structure. You can add drinking green tea in your weight diet plan to maintain a healthy figure. Here are some of the benefits of drinking green tea.

In order to shed first, it has to be broken down in the ft tissues and pas through the blood stream. The active compounds that are present in the green tea help in increasing the affects of fat oxidation and also improve the functioning of the fat burning hormones. One of the main oxidants in the green tea is the EGCG; it helps in inhibiting the enzyme to break nor epinephrine. Caffeine and the EGCG, they are both found in the green tea work together to enhance the pathway of breaking the fat cells and move them on in the blood. The substances that are present in the green tea increase the level of hormones and help the fat cells to break down.

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