Essential tips on picking the right bowling ball for you

Whether you bowl competitively or just enjoy it as a social activity, it is important that you choose the right ball. For those who take the game seriously this means making sure you purchase the right one for you, while for others, it is important to make the right choice at the bowling alley. Here we offer some tips on choosing the right ball for you.

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Ten pin bowling is having a resurgence in popularity, demonstrated by the fact that according to Sky News, the company Tenpin who run 30 bowling sites in the UK are planning a stock market flotation in 2017. This means that for competitive bowlers at least, there will be more competition, making the choice of bowling ball even more important.

Look at the Lanes

If you are purchasing a ball then where you are bowling is important, as not all bowling lanes are the same. It makes sense to think about where you will bowl most often. If necessary and if you can afford it, then you might need to invest in more than one ball to suit different lanes.

Best Weight for You and Your Style

This applies whether you are bowling for a team or playing socially. Make sure that the ball fits your technique. It is also important to get the weight right – choosing the heaviest ball is not always the right choice and could be dangerous. Try repeatedly swinging the sort of weight of ball that you want to use. Your arm should not feel too tired at the end, or it is too heavy for you.

Get Advice From Other People

It is worth seeing if you can try a ball belonging to someone with a similar bowling style, and getting advice from other people on the benefits and problems they have faced is always a good idea.

If you are choosing to purchase bowling balls then use a pro shop. Pro shops are able to offer advice about choosing a ball and are often manned by staff who have plenty of experience, while online pro shops such as will be able to offer reviews from other users as well as allowing you to compare prices.

So whether you are purchasing a ball or choosing one in a bowling alley, there are lots of things to consider.