How to open a small business? From choosing the right niche to for the implementation of the plan!

Where is it necessary to start at the opening of your business? There are several schemes for business start-up, only they all start with a single – selection idea. Perhaps the idea is a key point in starting a business because that is what it will give power and strength to deal with its daily development.

Choosing the right ideas is a guarantee of the viability of the business. There are practical examples of successful businessmen, when they tried to engage in a certain type of business, even in spite of the fact that he brought a good income, and sold.

At the initial stage, when no experience in business, there are risks that the series of setbacks businessman may refuse from the idea to open a small business. And if he “burns” his idea, she inspires him not to give up, it gives the energy to cope with the challenges.

Technical point, how to open a small business – is the next step. On this later, but now let’s deal with the main business idea – how to choose the right idea for the business?

How to open a small business: choosing ideas!

Your abilities and skills

It is important to analyze what you’re good at, what is there to expert, can you already render services and there is a demand for it. It is important to take into account the ability of all-first-class needlework, knitting, cooking, sewing, repairing cars, saw wood, to mental activities such as to be able to agree on the conclusion of favorable conditions on the contract, even the ability to sell old unnecessary things, the ability to organize a holiday, interest and cheer children or maybe you just soul of the company and all the family holidays as toastmaster.

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Self is not always possible to adequately assess their skills, for you may be familiar, as well as other outstanding abilities so ask around friends, colleagues, relatives, how they see you.

We analyze the demand for your skills

Having determined its expertise, look at the market there are similar services. If you are is a good, most likely there is a demand. It is also an ad about your services. And see whether calls for the purchase of services.

If your services are not on the market, you should not immediately retreat from the idea. Perhaps it still has not been invented, and people in need. Test the niche through ad placement.

The cycle of the transaction

There is long and fast money. With fast everything seems to be clear, when a service or product immediately pay the money. Long money when the transaction cycle can be delayed up to a month or more. It may be if there is the conclusion of contracts with federal, state, large industrial enterprises, which need to go through several stages of writing contracts to supply. Are you ready to wait as long to start a business? Long money can be big in the future. Just decide for yourself whether it is convenient to you?

Do you have the idea of the magnitude?

I mean, as you can see the scope of the idea: in its only city, or it can be sold all over and even abroad. If you open an online store, you can sell anywhere, but beauty is only for the local population.

Think what the scale of business would be sufficient for you.

What is the net profit from a single transaction?

Advance is calculated, which will be able to obtain a net profit by selling one product or service. It should be committed to the sale of high-margin products, as forces on the conclusion of the transaction are spent the same way, and the profit is different. Relying on the fact that the low-margin goods to be sold in large quantities, you will need to exert much more effort than for sales of high-margin goods. Sell 1 tap or sell thousands of packs of chewing gum “Love is”, it is more convenient? Less costly and more profitable will crane for sale. If you are not able to create excitement for the goods to queues, then choose a business with a large margin.

What investments are necessary?

This is also a filter criterion at the start. What is possible in your case: the business with or without the initial investment it! Maybe to start the case, you need to get some permits and patents. It may also stop.

The best entry threshold in the business is the possession of certain skills and knowledge that are well mastered and become an expert.

Earnings stability

How come the means: permanent or one-time payments. This criterion affects the assessment of the stability of the business. One-off sales require constant attraction of new customers, which is not a stable income. With continued receiving payments from royalties, long education payments, rents, contracts, regular wholesale supplies and other forms of business becomes stable, which makes it possible to plan a development strategy to invest continuously in marketing. What is the principle laid down in the income of your business idea?

Analysis for business performance efficiency

Here we must clearly calculate the average check, margins with a single purchase, how much it costs to attract one customer and what it will bring profit. Only the presence of clear figures may indicate the seriousness and reliability of business.

So, we see that the choice of business rather laborious process. Type of business dictates the conditions, how to open a small business.

Open a small business on the Internet!

Business on the Internet is the most convenient platform for start-ups. There are many services that make life easier for the beginner: able to create a website for 5 minutes, to offer advertising and promotion does not require large investments.

One of the most popular destinations on the Internet – online store sites, for example, they draw up a plan to open a small business!

1- Select 15 items of interest it must be unique products, unusual, that are already in demand. Where to find them?

2- Then we look at how the selected product is sold by competitors. Analyze their ads for sale, conditions of purchase, delivery, the seller’s availability – the availability of consultants, free phone.

3- Make up your unique selling proposition, considering all the pros and cons of the competition. We spread the ad you can use the services of free boards for entry to the test. If you have the finances, you can create for each product and create a paid advertising company to attract traffic.

4- We accept calls from customers to analyze a product in great demand.

5- The item with the highest demand is buying a small party.

6- Determine the target audience for this product: age, interests, gender, income level, problems. Create a site for the audience.

7- On the website set up advertising campaigns on social services. Networks, free advertising board and others.

8- We process high-quality orders, respond promptly to questions, send an order and get the money first.

9- We work to increase profits: reduce the number of returns.

10- Transfers part autosensing processes, such as delivery.

This is not a complicated algorithm is necessary to pass the beginner to create your first small business without large investments.

Restaurants: How to compensate for the lack of experience?

Fashion on the sphere is not quenched and a half decades. The “catering”, as they call it in the old way, there is a serious business. Restaurants in dreams and young people, which found the assets from credit institutions or with relatives, not spared this trend party and me. But, unlike most competitors, the institution was able to open at the time of this writing business for several months already profitable.

The path to their work in the restaurant business was so interesting that share the experience with those who are following in the footsteps, it is absolutely necessary.

 Restaurants: Select format!

The Restaurant is a saying about the newcomers in the business he said that those who have a lot of ideas, do not have the money, and those who have money, do not have ideas, of course, a controversial statement. But it focuses on the main – concept.

Without a good, elaborated ideas are not “take off” any one institution. And if you cannot design it yourself – there is always a proven franchise.

The latter option was originally liked – ready technology, design, and support from the franchisor for royalty. External conditions look hot house. But then the question arises: why do you need food restaurant? If only for a living – the perfect option but I wanted to create a project from beginning to end, vanity to blame, sporting interest or desire for self-expression – is not so important.

The main conclusion of the attempts to “create” their own concept – creative is the process the ratio is very indirect, in the first role beyond calculation and analysis.

The best idea does not make sense if it is no use to anybody. We started with the identification of needs and opened up interesting things. What dishes can now be called popular? Salad “Caesar” with salmon and sushi. The real gastronomic tastes have nothing to do with the history of the country’s cuisine.

Another fact – almost no one uses local products, frozen fish, meat or vegetables, which are transported for hundreds of kilometers, to get easier than goods suburban farm.

And competitors are trapped in our field of vision, making it well – prepared positions running from imported ingredients. The free niche was found – traditional dishes made from local products.

How to choose the best equipment?

I will not describe how to open a restaurant business, namely registration, search and repair facilities – a process or a standard across the country, or the highly individual for each city and region.

Let’s talk about the restaurant equipment – it is here that budding entrepreneur can either save or put himself in a serious “minus”.

Since the word “convection” and “soups views” were initially a mystery, information was sought on the Internet. It turned out those truly professional reviews – units. The rest – advertising and “water”. But experts and “fans” agreed on one thing – the novice restaurateur should seek professional help.

Important tips for beginner’s restaurateurs!

Key findings from work with a professional supplier:

  1. Originally worked out the menu!

An employee of the company was initially puzzled us a question about the menu. It turned out that the most effective way of selection of the equipment at the initial stage – to build on those dishes that are going to cook. That is to choose the tools for tasks, not tools for the task.

Tricked steamer – it’s cool. But the newly opened facility where profitability and demand are only on paper, and the customer base is not formed, it will pay off for years.

  1. Order the projects with professionals!

The second interesting aspect – design it is necessary not only to place the equipment in the technological area but also to comply with numerous regulations. Make a project on its own will not work – you need admission SRO. Moreover, the specific work – engineers from other fields will do everything according to the state standards and building codes, but take into account all the nuances of the restaurant kitchen they are unlikely to succeed. And by placing the equipment it depends on the efficiency of your staff.

Reduce the burden on the budget can be here – I selected the supplier when ordering the equipment makes a technological project for free.

  1. Do not skimp on service!

Regular preventive maintenance cost does not go to any comparison with the price of new equipment. Moreover, the warranty (this service without repair) for many items from the catalog produced “by default” and will not be worth the extra money.

  1. Buy more equipment in the process!

Initially, it was assumed that the provider will try to “loaded on” as much as possible the equipment – in fact, this is its direct benefit. Everything happened exactly the opposite. Together with the manager starter kit has been selected, which performs all the necessary technological problems. According to expert advice, we began to collect statistics on the dishes (the principle of 20/80) and requests of guests, now, when the balance of relative concept, we ordered additional equipment for new menu items or optimization of old.

  1. And the main conclusion that was made. It’s restaurant food – it’s not a good idea to “change the world”. The restaurant business is painstaking daily work for the organization, monitoring, and analysis. Mistakes allow any aspiring restaurateur. But if you seek professional help, will reduce losses to a minimum.