Better Swimming for Better Exercise

A lot of people like to swim, but they simply do not possess the stamina to engage in many laps. Fatigue may quickly set in, making it difficult for them to reach their goals. Here is how to engage in better swimming for better exercise.

Work on Your Endurance

If you fail to reach your goals while in the water, then work on improving your stamina when you are on land. This can include engaging in other sporting activities to help you improve your strength.

Some swimmers are avid cyclists and may also enjoy obstacle courses. It really doesn’t matter what sport you choose. What matters is your desire to pursue that sport with interest and vigor. The better you master your sport on land the more likely you’ll become a better swimmer.

Build Up Your Muscles

If you swim with an eye on breast strokes, then concentrate on weight exercises, squats and squatting jumps. For backstrokers, you need to work on your back and core muscles. Do both and you’ll be in better shape all around.

Push ups, sit ups and running go aid your cause. Working out in a gym can also benefit you. If you have a trainer, tell him or her what swimming goals you have in mind. Then, develop a program that enables you to reach your goal.

In the Water

When you’re in the water, you’ll several things to promote endurance. Breath control is important for any swimmer as that will have a great impact on how far and how long you will swim. Endeavor to breathe as little as possible to strengthen your lungs.

If possible, increase your work outs. Some swimmers never get to their next goal because they limit the number of times they’re in the pool. Definitely, daily work outs are the way to go. If you’re serious about increasing your stamina, then hitting the pool twice daily — before and after work — is a must.

Take advantage of weekends to do your most working out. You may not be able to get to the pool every day during the week, so that leaves weekends for your most spirited workouts. You may find that swimming on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are doable, which leaves Saturday and Sunday to help you maximize your efforts.

Increase Your Laps

If your pool is 50 yards long, then count that as one lap. Decent swimmers typically can do 10 laps without much effort. Your goal, however, is to go well beyond 500 yards per day to reach at least 1,000, 2,000 or perhaps 3,000 or more yards. That makes for a lot of laps, but if you want to build stamina and you are seeking to race, then going for the long range goal is the sensible approach.

Motivate Yourself

For some people, swimming is difficult to do without motivation. With running, you can bring your music with you. Not so with swimming — unless the swim club has music blaring from the speakers, but then it may not suit your particular taste.

If self-motivation is a challenge, then find a swim partner to encourage you. This person should be just as motivated as you are and inclined to reach similar goals as you or at least support you in your efforts. Everyone needs a cheerleader and you can offer mutual encouragement as you both reach higher.

Be Safe

Above all else, be safe when you exercise. If you are finding that the increased work out is taking its toll on your body, it may be too much. Always check with your physician when changing your exercise regimen too.