5 Reasons One Piece Swimsuits Are Making A Comeback

This past fashion season was a showcase for swimsuits. Record high temperatures in the south have created a spike in the swimsuit market, where people are taking to the boats and beaches like migrating birds. One-piece bathing suits are giving bikinis a run for their money on the runways and beaches this past summer. For about two decades, sexuality through skin-exposure reigned supreme – the less you wore, the more attention you received. However, it seems one-piece bathing suits are making a comeback and women are finding more inspiration in 90’s-style trends.

Why has this trend begun to take place now? Many industry insiders have attributed the comeback to increased advertising and marketing of the one-piece product, specifically from top celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. Others have claimed the sales increases are contributed to women’s changes in comfort and sensuality.

After conducting some research, I have found five of the most relevant reasons why one-piece swimsuits are making a comeback in the marketplace.

Comeback Queen

Fashion Shows & Celebrities

 As explained previous, mass media and celebrities have a huge influence on social trends, not just fashion trends. More than any other industry, celebrities and figureheads support the fashion retail markets. Every year a celebrity or figurehead comes out with a new clothing line or fragrance, where they make millions of dollars in royalties, boosting retail markets in the process. Therefore, when celebrities choose to promote one-piece swimsuits, fashion shows and advertisements are surely to increase as well. Magazines and other media outlets help push these social trends with the help of many Hollywood stars.

Younger Generation

The baby boomers are getting older, and a younger generation is beginning to take form in America. Obviously with age, women become more and more conservative in nature, opting out of the bikini-look for something with a little more coverage. The rising age of baby boomers, who began to establish the market of bikini shopping, are part of the decline in the bikini consumption. In addition, mothers are finding it harder to accept their 11-year-old daughters’ wearing two-piece bathing suits. The exposure of skin seems a little immoral for such a young age.

Cutting-Edge Designs

Fashion designers are investing more time and resources into creating amazing styles and designs for one-piece swimsuits over the last two years. One-piece swimsuits provide more a canvas for fashion designs to work and create interest styles or designs. This rise of creative innovation, given that most one-piece swimsuits in the past were solid colors, has exponentially increased the interest of consumers.

Comfort & Durability

Picture Pamela Lee Anderson in “Baywatch” and tell me she was not comfortable while running on the beach. Two-piece swimsuits may look good on some people, but many women are taking comfort and durability over looks into the current marketplace due to an increase in recreational activity. Since the health food buzz took form over five years ago, more and more of the general public are becoming active in sports and outdoor activities. Wearing a bikini while playing volleyball or wakeboarding may distract some of the boys on the boat or beach, but ultimately it does not provide the adequate comfort for performance. In addition, there is always the potential for a “malfunction” to occur, which is always embarrassing for women.

Trends Change

The fashion industry is a unique industry in the sense that consumers get bored with the status quo. Trends are now in the favor of one-piece suits because consumers are naturally bored with the current product lines available on the market. From a macroeconomic standpoint, this change in consumer behavior is no phenomenon. Consumers will revolt and change desirability over time, which in turn increases innovation. The fashion world is beginning to see a change in the desirability of bikinis throughout the United States, but eventually the market will change again. Therefore, one-piece swimsuits may be around for a little while but ultimately trends will continue to change in the future. However, to make sure you’re equipped regardless of where trends turn, I highly recommend paying a visit to Brazilian-Bikinis.org.