7 Tricks to Increase Storage Space in your Basement

The basement area of the home can be a great space to store unused items in the home. However, as you live in a home year after year, you accumulate more items. These items can quickly take over and your basement becomes a catch-all for your Christmas decorations, party items, unused furniture and more. It is important for home owners to learn how to increase the storage space in the basement to use the space in an efficient manner. With the simple tricks below, you will be able to get your basement back on track and in functioning order.

Start Fresh

First, you will need to start with a fresh space. This will mean clearing out every item in the basement. You can plan a yard sale or auction to get rid of the majority of the items so that you are ready to start fresh. Once the space is clear you will be able to plan out how you want to room to work and what storage solutions will work best for you.

7 Tricks to Increase Storage Space in your Basement

Evaluate the Space

Once the basement is clear, you will want to evaluate the space. Walk the perimeter of the space and get a feel for how much room you have. This will help you to better plan what you would like to do.

Determine the use of the room

Do you want the basement to function solely for storage or do you want the basement to be a working room?  You can make the basement into whatever you like from a storage space to a fun bonus room. The decision will help you to determine the type of storage you will use in the space.

Storage Solutions

Let’s imagine the basement will be used as a living room. You will, of course, need a sitting area but you also need to have room for storage. Choose a trunk or ottoman coffee table that can double as storage and add baskets throughout the room for storing items. You can add bookcases or other furniture items that will handle the storage needs of the home.

Consider what you are storing

Think about what you are storing in the space. Will the majority be holiday items? Are you storing a winter or summer wardrobe? If you have the space, wall-off an area of the basement and add a door. You can then place shelving systems to hold baskets or containers. The items you need to store can then be placed in the bins and then placed on the shelving. Label each container so you know what goes where and you will easily be able to enjoy the space.

Create a plan of attack

Once you have decided what you want to do to the basement space, make a plan of attack. By having a solid plan and budget, you will be able to get started and know each step you need to take to get the room back in order. Write down your plan and follow it step by step to be successful.

Hire a professional

If the basement area is just too much for you to handle, consider hiring a professional.  A decorator or professional organizer will be able to help you create a space that you will love. The space will be organized and well thought out and all the stress of finishing the room will be removed. This is a great way to get the job done if you have the funds to do so.

By considering your options and creating a plan of attack, you can have an organized basement space that works beautifully for your family’s needs.