Air Travelling in Style and Comforts through Lion Air Flights

Among the rapidly growing airlines in Indonesia the Lion Air has made its mark as the fastest growing airline in the country. It has both low cost airlines as well as medium level services that operate through out the length and breadth of the country and touching most of the cities. This is very attractive factor as people who are traveling on flights frequently can build a rapport with the airline or their agents for immediate bookings on emergency. More routes mean more options for travel for the people.

It is seen that Lion Air has more fleet of airplanes than any other flight operators in Indonesia. Hence, they can offer some of the great flight comforts that passengers are always looking out for. The economy class can offer a single passenger checked baggage allowance of 20 kg as free while for business class this is 30 kg. For both the class you are allowed 10 kg of baggage cabin.

Again, in the case of economy class you may be allowed a leather seat of 29 inches while for the business class travelers this is 38 inch seating. With business travelers you are also offered pre-flight drinks and meals. Find the best airlines tickets with lion air as you have these and many other options too.

Air Travelling in Style and Comforts through Lion Air Flights

Flight traveling joy

You will feel a lot comfortable during the flights through Indonesia mainly because Lion Air has been able to thwart competitions from other airlines with a full range of class services and other ticketing options. If you really want your flight to be joyous then you need to have smooth booking procedures and this is where this airline stands out. They do have one of the best known travel agency which does most it’s booking for flight within the country as well as abroad.

The booking flight agent known as Traveloka is perhaps the most known name among people who book flights. All the flight bookings of Lion Air are done by these agents and they offer much cheaper flight tickets than other flight booking agents. While doing your booking for flight tickets you need to visit their official website of Lion Air and select the route that shows the places where you wish to board and the destination point.

You then need to fill up the rest of the information that are given on the website. You also need to select the payment method and complete the transaction. Soon you will get an information about your Lion e-ticket and this will be sent to you vide email and you may travel to indonesia with lion air.

Rebooking, rescheduling and cancellations

You may also note there is no possibility of re-routing your air ticket purchased from Lion Air. In case you have any doubts then you may contact Lion Call Center. In the case of rebooking and rescheduling it is available in some class and higher up. If the rebooking or rescheduling occurs above 48 hours then you need to pay a flight fee difference. If it is less than 48 to 24 hours then you will need to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of basic fare.

Further, between 24 hours to 2 hours the above requests by passengers are subject to a cancellation fee of 80% of the basic fare. Less than 2 hours and right before departure time there will be a deduction of 90% of basic fare.

The Lion Air may on the other hand cancel or change flight schedule as per its own requirements due some technical reasons and in such cases the passengers are eligible for 100% refund of air ticket.