How to choose a hardwood floor

If you are considering a hardwood floor for your home, then you may appreciate these tips on how to make the right decision for your needs. As with all design decisions you will need to balance the look you want with the practicalities of fitting the floor. Keep the following in mind:

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Quality and sustainability

The price of wood varies, depending on the type tree it has been cut from and whether it has been raised to any particular standard. If sustainability is a concern for you, then you should look at the standards enforced by the FSC.

Smaller rooms, smaller boards

If you are putting solid wood flooring in a smaller room, then you should consider using some more interesting designs. While larger planks limit you to a fairly staggered look, with smaller pieces you can choose something such as a herringbone design to really make a style statement.

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Bigger rooms, bigger boards

Conversely, if you are putting the flooring into a larger space, you could consider using longer and broader pieces of flooring. All good suppliers will have a range of styles in stock, such as those available from

The final piece of your puzzle will be to find a qualified installer who can make the most of your floor. Although hardwood floors can be fitted as a DIY project, unless you’re very confident it’s worth paying a fitter to get the best from your floor and to avoid having to live with an expensive mistake.