Knocking Down to Rebuild – Why it can be a Better Option

When looking to build a dream home of your own, most people will instantly start to hunt for the holy grail of homebuilders everywhere – the perfect plot of land. Because in the UK, particularly in the South of England, plots of land can be incredibly expensive and is so highly sought after, the perfect plot can be a very elusive thing indeed!

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It is for this reason that many people decide to purchase a property, to demolish and then rebuild their dream home on that plot. Although this can sound a bit counterproductive, it can actually work out as a cheaper way to build the house of your dreams.

Because land in the UK is valued not by what stands on it, but by the potential that the land has, many plots of land can be incredibly expensive and it is often much cheaper to purchase an existing property and knock it down.

Of course you will need to use the services of someone such as this demolition Birmingham based company to ensure it is carried out safely and correctly and seek planning permission for what you intend to build on the land.

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As well as having a clean slate to build on, once the property has been demolished, you may be able to cut costs of the build by salvaging materials from the original house – this could be bricks, tiles or even period features such as fireplaces – and if you don’t want them yourself you could always sell them on to fund the project.