Native Trees that you can Grow in Your Garden

Trees are not only an important part of the British landscape, but they are also a hugely important part of the eco-system. The native trees of Britain are important homes and food sources to a huge array of wildlife, many of them are the exclusive food source to some insects, so it is clear that we need to encourage the growth of our native trees.

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Growing a tree in your own garden is a great way to attract wildlife and add natural beauty to your garden – and whether your garden is large or small there will be something that is suitable for you. Because the native trees are perfectly suited for the UK climate, you will not need to do a great deal to encourage their growth. It is a good idea however to get a professional in every so often such as tree surgeon Gloucester based Geoffrey Urch, who will be able to keep the trees well pruned!


Here are some popular native trees that would make a great addition to your garden…


Blackthorn – This can be grown as a hedge or as a tree, and its thorny branches are great for keeping intruders out of the garden. In the late summer it also produces the dark berries called sloes which can be used to make your own sloe gin!

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Oak – The quintessential English tree, this is best in larger gardens. These trees are home to hundreds of species of wildlife from insects to birds to mammals and is a symbol of strength and endurance.


Holly – For winter colour in the garden the striking Holly tree is perfect. Toads and mammals like hedgehogs shelter in the protective undergrowth of a holly bush and you can bring in the branches to add festive décor to your home.