Standard Safety for Gas Meter Boxes

Different things come to mind while purchasing the gas meter box. We should follow some safety measures while installing a gas meter box:

  • ventilation
  • resistive material
  • insertion of box

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Correct Ventilation

The ventilation should be minimum for the gas Meter box. This rule is a legal rule to install the box. The dangers of fire eruption are always higher in case of gas meters if you ignore the ventilation rules. The ventilation must be kept in the required range for the gas meter box, otherwise consequences may be serious.

  • The ventilation should be 3% if adjusting on one wall
  • The ventilation should be 2% if adjusting on two walls

Fitting a box properly

Fit the meter box properly. Don’t install a damaged meter box. Don’t use a spoiled meter box. Replace the meter box if damage has occurred to it. Always use the recommended filler or cement to fix the meter box properly. Wall plugs and screws are used for the insertion of semi-concealed type meter boxes. It decreases the chances of gas leakage and explosion. For more details on a Gas Meter box, visit Meterbox

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Resistant materials

The resistive material is the first and foremost step while using the gas meter box that the recommended gas meter box should be made up of resistive elements. The meter box should be made up of non-corrosive material. Gas housing should protect against destructive materials or explosions. The GRP type material of the gas meter box is excellent to use. The GRP type meter boxes are often strong and safe to use.