The best tricks to organize clothes and end the chaos of your wardrobe

We have all experienced what happened to Carrie Bradshaw while she moved from her apartment to move in with Aidan: to start finding pieces of clothing that we had hidden in the closet and fall in love again. Or discover that pair of shoes that we forget without wanting and never release … This can happen to the chaos that can live in a very small space where all the clothes are agglomerated and in the end we end up seeing the same thing . It is normal to think that “we have nothing to wear” in front of dozens of garments, and the problem of everything is clutter. Today we show you the best tricks to organize clothes.

So that the order is present at all times and the chaos does not invade our stay, we have noticed the tricks and advice given by the Japanese Marie Kondo in her book ‘The magic of order. Tools to order your house … and your life! ‘ . With almost four million books sold, Times magazine included it on its list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015, hence the Kondo advice is respected by thousands of people around the world. Today we look at them and apply them to our wardrobe, to make the chaos disappear immediately.

Eliminate everything that we do not put on, the primordial step

Start from scratch, from the beginning, as if it were a new wardrobe. Here is the beginning of everything so that in the end our goal comes out on the planned. According to Marie Kondo the order begins when we begin to eliminate everything that we do not use and that, in effect, only bulks and fills our closet. In this case we could say that the quality prevails to the quantity and not to have the closet full (and ordered) we will obtain the absolute order.

When we get rid of everything we do not use, what we do is show more all those clothes that we carry on a daily basis and therefore, we have everything easily accessible.

Tricks to organize clothes by categories (and colors)

We tend to organize the wardrobe by colors, but the truth is that before starting to gather the garments by chromatic ranges, we must make groups by categories: the blazers go together, as well as the blouses, shirts and jerseys. Once we have our clothes distributed by categories, we can start ordering them by colors.

Do not skimp on hangers

We know that quality comes before quality, but there are never enough hangers, that’s why when we choose them we have to think very carefully what we are going to hang up. We will use robust and wooden to hang the thick coats, while the fine and velvet are perfect for shirts, cardigans and sweaters.

Do not try to save space using a hanger to hang several garments, if you have them all in view everything will be easier to access.

Use trays to store add-ons

The accessories can be the cause of leaving our closet upside down: the small details -as we know- make a difference, and keeping jewelry in trays, glasses in drawers and well-ordered scarves is of vital importance to maintain the unsullied order.

Leave the bags in view to have them on hand

Being a fashion victim implies one thing: collecting bags of all kinds. Many times we keep them stacked on top of each other, creating an effect of disorder – in addition to giving them bad shape by the weight of the other bags. A way to order them? Place them in cubicles next to each other: leaving them in view will be easily accessible and will not be damaged.

The shoes are placed “disordered”

If we have a small space and an endless collection of shoes it will be best to get rid of their original boxes (no matter how much it costs us). Optimizing space is basic, so we will order them in an odd (or messy) way: the right shoe in front, the left one on the side but behind. In this way we will be many more than one next to the other in a row.

Maintaining an uncluttered order is not an impossible task and following these guidelines can help you end the chaos that sometimes reigns in the closet – in addition to getting more out of your favorite clothes.