5 Ways to Create the Best Summer Memories

Summer for most people is the happiest time of year; the weather is hot, the sun is out, and barbeques are brought out from the sheds. Although the British weather is usually dull and drab, it does sometimes surprise us with a splash of sunlight and hot weather. Music festivals are also a key part of the summertime for many people, it is a great opportunity to have fun, chill out, and listen to their favourite artists. Making the best memories does not even have to cost any money, why not visit your local park with your friends and have a picnic?

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Hangout at Your Local Lido

Lido’s are perfect for the summer, as you can cool off in the pool, but you can also chill out with your mates. Lido admissions do not usually cost a lot of money, so why not make this a day out? The feeling of the water on your feet and the smell of suncream will really make you feel like you are in a summer paradise. You will have to leave the photo taking for another day though, as all pools forbid photography.

Host a Summer Party

Summer parties make for the best memories, as you are around people you love, and you can enjoy amazing food and drink. If you host it in your garden, you could have a garden tea party or even a barbeque; if you ask family and friends to bring a plate of food with them, it will be much cheaper for you. A nice seating area with a gazebo and bunting will create the perfect garden party look; some companies such as https://www.barlokbars.co.uk/ even have Portable Bars for you to hire – a perfect piece for your party setting. If you have speakers, you can even play your favourite music.

Beach Day

Beaches are a great place to have fun and soak up the sun. If the weather is warmer, you could wear your swimming costumes and have a swim in the sea; if you and your friends have surfboards, why not surf the waves? If the weather is colder and windier, you can still enjoy a beach day, you will just need to wear some warm clothing, and bring along a picnic or a portable barbeque to keep you warm.

Go to a Festival

 There are different types of festivals in the UK, so you do not just have to settle for one which tends to get a bit lively; there are many that are lighthearted and family-friendly. This is a great chance to get on some festival gear, wear some glitter face paint, and just make memories with your friends. Festivals involve camping, so this is also a great way to get together and have fun. If your favourite artists are there, you can all have a boogie and sing along – don’t forget a camera to capture those memories.

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Go on a Road Trip

 If you’re not planning on visiting abroad this year, why not go on a road trip with your friends? This gives you the opportunity to visit different places in the UK and explore the gorgeous sites. Make sure to come up with a plan on where you are going to stay; if you have a campervan, you could stay at a vehicle camping site, or you could even buy a big tent for you and your friends to stay in; it’s fun, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either – here are some of the top camping sites in the UK.