Do You Have What it Takes to be a Vet’s Receptionist?

Being a receptionist is a tricky job that comes with many challenges – but what about a vet’s receptionist? This type of job has many pressures, and emotions that come with it, but to be a good receptionist not only requires a range of skills, but it also requires you to be a kind and caring person. If you are someone who likes people, then there is a good chance that a receptionist job could be for you, but if you are also a lover of animals, then a vet’s receptionist could be a great career path for you to go down – here are other jobs that involve working with animals.

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You may really enjoy a type of job, but will that specific place be right for you? If they are short-staffed and give you little of training, will you have the experience and the personality to think on your feet and use your own initiative? If animals are poorly then the owners could be in high emotions and distress; it will be up to you to find a solution to that problem that will help them. If you are working in a vets reception, and the equipment or office furniture does not work properly, this could add more stress and unhappiness to your job; if you feel that the reception room needs new equipment or office furniture, then you may have to speak to the manager to raise your concerns. If you are in need of new office furniture such as chairs or desks, then there are plenty of Office Furniture Gloucester based companies such as, or office furniture companies near you that can supply you with brand new office furniture that can make your job more comfortable.

If you want to become a vet’s receptionist, then you will need to know how to control your emotions; there are unfortunate situations where pets may need to be put to sleep, and for their owners, this can be devastating, so being able to be strong for pet owners is very important. With any customer service roles, there will be customers that will test your patience; a lot of customers are kind, but there are a select few that are very unreasonable; in these situations, it is important to remain calm and continue to be nice to the customer. It is important to not become snappy and short-tempered as this could make situations worse, but if you keep the situation under control, and try to reason with the customer, this will

certainly calm down the situation. If you are someone who gets angered easily, then a reception role may not be for you.

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Many receptionist roles will ask for applicants to have key skills such as customer service experience, telephone experience, and even past experience in a receptionist role. The main purpose of receptionists is to be able to solve problems, so the ability to work under pressure is a must, but most importantly, you must be kind, caring, and you must be approachable.