9 Design Tips to Pick the Right Accent Chair

Creating the right accent in a room with a stylish chair needs a little planning. However, it is not as difficult as it seems at the beginning. If you find this to be difficult, here are a few ideas that may be of help for you.

  1. Emphasise on comfort in a much used room. If your living room is always the hub of activity and you often entertain family and friends in there, an accent chair must serve as an additional seating space. Upholstered leather armchairs may be appropriate for such rooms, as they are comfortable and easy to maintain.
  2. Focus on style in a seldom used room. While an oft-used room requires a comfy chair, you may opt for a chic chair in a rarely-used living space. Be it a fabric covered metallic chair or a Wingback chair with a satin cover, the right touch of glamour can be achieved with the right accent chair.
  3. Make a designer chair the focal point of the room. The selection of the right chair is not the only thing to keep in mind when you plan to make it the focal point in a room. The right placement and the right lighting are equally important. A chair, illuminated by a floor lamp, next to the fireplace can create the look you want.
  4. Create a cosy nook with a snug chair. Place a Le Corbusier chaise lounge next to the bookshelf in the living room to create a reading nook or place an upholstered armchair next to a large window in the bedroom to create a spot to write your letters and sip your morning tea or to soak up the views.
  5. Pair up two chairs to form a separate area. If you have a large living room or bedroom, you need not limit the use of accent chairs to just one. Choose a pair instead to make a conversation area in the living room or a lounge area in the bedroom. Such an arrangement will provide privacy even when you are with others.
  6. Opt for a neutral hue to ground an eclectic room. Layers of colours, textures and patterns can create an eclectic look and feel in a room when done right. A chair in a neutral shade, such as ivory, beige or white, may be able to pull together the room and instil a grounded look and feel.
  7. Go bold with colours and patterns in a neutral room. Imagine a pair of bright orange egg chairs in front of a stark white wall in the living room. If the room has a black and white colour palette, these Jacobsen chairs can add just the right dose of accent to it. Little touches of the same accent colour can create the style statement you want!
  8. Classic designs go well with traditional decor. Large armchairs with rolled up backs or recliners with footrests work well in any traditional space. A classic armchair in a simple white may look beautiful against a navy accent wall. Again, a timeless chaise lounge in a gorgeous purple may look handsome against a cream wall.
  9. Contemporary styles complement the industrial feel. The simplicity of modern designs complements the decor of modern rooms. Leather upholstered metal framed chairs may look more appropriate in a room decorated in contemporary style. The sleek chair designs look better with the trendy aesthetics of the rooms.

However, there are no hard and fast rules in this regard. Rules, in designing and decorating, are meant to be broken. If you are creative and ingenious, you may be able to find the right accent chair that may or may not conform to the rules but does conform to the design.