Revealed: The top trends in name badges design you need to know for 2018

When it comes to employee name badges design a lot of business owners or individuals involved in purchasing have a difficult decision on their hands. It can be very tough to narrow down all of the design selections to one small tag. Because of this people often try to incorporate too much and end up with a messy and ineffective name badge. The key is to keep things simple yet you can create the wow factor with one dramatic effect. Take a look at how to do this with the top trends in name badge design for 2018…

Think big in terms of images and graphics

Instead of trying to incorporate lots of small and intricate images or graphics you should think big. For example, if you work for an automobile firm then instead of including an image of an entire vehicle, you could incorporate an image of a certain segment of the car zoomed in – for instance, one of the wheels. This gives a more dramatic and striking impact and thus is more likely to create a lasting impression.

Think outside of the box in terms of shape

Many name badges design simply revolve a rectangular shape or an oval shape. However, there is license to be creative when it comes to shape. It is advisable to stay away from anything which is too ‘pretty’ – no curled edges or bubble shapes. Go for sleek and straight designs. You can even go for a rectangular design for example but then have the image protruding out of the edge of the tag. Make one side of the rectangle curved or slanted. By doing this you do not over complicate things yet you give your badges that stylish and eye catching edge.

Think metallic and shiny in terms of finish

Metallic shine is something which is at the height of style throughout 2013 in an array of different forms – from metallic clothes to metallic wallpapers to metallic business badges. If you give your name tags a shiny and glossy edge then you add to the professionalism of the identification badges. Moreover, because the look is impressive it is assured to instantly catch attention. It is also worth noting that these badges look more expensive and therefore it shows that you pay attention to the littlest of details at your business – this can only be a good thing.

Think oversized in terms of lettering

When it comes to the actual font – the name and the job title of the individual – people actually tend to go for small and compact lettering when doing their name badges design. However, oversized lettering is highly effective. Not only are oversized fonts easier to read and more attention grabbing, but it also looks innovative and stylish. It has a captivating effective and it shows that you are ahead of the game on the design side of things.

If you use one or several of these design rules then you are assured to have the most innovative and effective badges for the year ahead.