A guide to typical new aerial costs

The installation of a new aerial is one of those jobs you probably don’t have to worry about very often, so when it does crop up, you might not know where to start. There are several factors you will need to consider when looking to install a new aerial, and this article aims to outline some of the basics.

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Why you might need a new aerial

If you’re moving into a new home with no aerial, you will need to arrange to have one installed. Alternatively, you might already have an aerial that is damaged, no longer working effectively or is in the wrong position or location to deliver adequately. You might find that some channels have become unwatchable or the sound quality has deteriorated. A new, correctly installed aerial will improve sound and picture quality if this is the case.

The cost of a new aerial

The cost will vary depending on which part of the country your property is in, and you can expect to pay more in London than in other regions. The type of aerial you select will also affect the total price, as will the amount of work required in the installation.

It’s never going to be a particularly expensive undertaking. Broadly speaking, you should be able to pay for your aerial and the labour for the entire job for between around £80 and £150. The UK’s digital TV platform, Freeview, says that the cost is typically around £150, although this is definitely at the higher end of the spectrum for most parts of the country. It is worth shopping around for quotes and asking friends, family and neighbours if they can recommend a reliable tradesperson to undertake the job. Using someone local who has decent references is always advisable because it is possible that your aerial will need adjusting after the initial installation. For example, if you live in the Cotswolds area, you will probably want to use a Gloucester TV aerial repair company such as http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-and-installation-gloucester/.

Be sure to ask prospective fitters if this is a service they are happy to offer, and check whether they will be able to come out promptly if you need any form of aftercare once the job has been initially completed. You don’t want to have to start your search from scratch again.