Try these approaches to user centred design

One of the latest buzzwords surrounding the creation of websites is UCD, otherwise known as user centred design. This moves the design process away from what the graphic designer, and even the business owner, thinks a website should be like, instead focussing on the complete user experience.

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According to Web Designer Depot, designers are missing an important trick if they fail to design websites with the user experience in mind at all times. Is the website intuitive to navigate? Does it make it easy for the user to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily? If not, you could be alienating the very customers you are hoping to attract.

How do I incorporate USD into my website?

If your current website is not delivering the visitor numbers and conversions you hoped for, perhaps it is time to take a fresh look at your current design. It can sometimes be possible to tweak a site to make improvements; however, in most cases it will be necessary to rethink the design completely and include potential users from the earliest stages of the planning process.

Whether you are looking for web designers in Taunton or Tottenham, take time to source a design team that understands the concept of USD. A lone designer is unlikely to have the combination of skills – or the time – necessary to ensure a great user experience, which is why a team such as is likely to be your best option.

Focus groups

If you want to know what your website user wants from your site, the best thing to do is to ask them! Take note of comments regarding navigation, load times and content, and examine ways in which you can improve your visitors’ experience.

Participatory design

Involving your users in the design process means that you can incorporate desired elements into the site as it progresses. This saves time in the long run, as it is easier to make changes during the design process than at the end when the site is all but complete

Usability testing

Ask your core group of users to try out the site to see whether it performs as they would like. By requiring them to complete a series of specific tasks, you can gain valuable feedback about their experience to ensure user satisfaction.