A truly terrific trio of Champions

When you work for a secret United Nations law enforcement agency you certainly need your wits about you. It would be a massive help then if you had, say, telekinetic powers that can not only help you talk to similarly gifted colleagues but also see into the future. To make things even better those powers increase your intelligence and physical capabilities as well. This was what agents Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett had and it made them The Champions (with an excellent tv theme tune to boot).

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Whilst the operatives and services of Close Protection London companies like https://www.valorousgroup.co.uk/ won’t have the powers of telekinesis,  they are as close as you can get to it!

Located in Geneva, Nemesis ensures the smooth running of the world despite what national governments opinion might be. The budget appears to be a bit tight on this operation as for their mission they are sent out in a light plane over the Himalayas. Despite Stirling’s insistence that he is a Pilot he crashes it into the vast range. All seems lost but in a miraculous turn of events they are found and rescued by a highly sophisticated race of humans that have decided to live secretly in the mountains. The hyper humans think it’s a great idea to give the three superpowers and then, in stark contrast to the whole secret thing they’ve got going on, send them back out into the world with a quick “Now, don’t go telling anyone you can pick up a car one handed or solve complex math’s problems that last week would have had you totally stumped, Ok?”. They don’t even tell their grumpy boss who gets fobbed off every week when he asks them how they were able to move a 20 tonne rock or something without assistance.

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True to form the Champions soon become the best agents Nemesis have got so much so that you wonder if the department doesn’t just use them and sack all the others saving thousands of Swiss Francs. Nemesis remit seems to be quelling some proto-Nazi’s uprising or stopping someTin pot dictator throwing their weight around. The Chinese also seem to get a raw deal and this is in part due to when the series was written. Memories of the Second World and Korean War were still very much in people’s minds.

It’s a lot of hokum fun and there has been several attempts to reboot the show. The budget for the show at the time was not immense and there are 3 stories set on Submarine (for some reason Sharon wears a mini dress a la Mary Quant and descends a ladder much to the joy of the Sailors underneath) and 3 in the Arctic. An Arctic that looked very similar to the Himalayas…