Where to start when thinking of landscaping your garden

When it comes to thinking about ways in which you can redesign your garden you can be flooded with numerous ideas. You might want somewhere that you can sit out of an evening with a drink and enjoy the surroundings, or perhaps you want an area of lawn where your children can play or your dog can run around it. Perhaps you are looking for a garden that will be easy for you to maintain. There are a number of different things that you will want to consider before diving into your project.

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Do you need help?

Whilst many of us think that we can DIY a lot of the things we want in our homes and gardens, the reality is that we just don’t have the skills, knowledge and tools to be able to do so. You are much better off consulting with a professional Landscape Gardeners Gloucester company to ensure that your garden landscaping project is completed correctly and is left both safe and aesthetically pleasing.


Before any work starts it is important to do your research into your ground quality and PH levels if necessary and also into the types of plants and structures that you want to see in the relevant areas of your garden space.


When it comes to landscaping you should think about what sort of theme you are looking for in your garden as this will impact the products that you choose, from the bricks or wood that you choose for your patio area right through to the plant types that you have. If it is a formal style that you are looking for you will tend to stick with geometric shapes and neat planting, whereas if you are looking for a relaxed country style garden you will use more curved designs and different planting styles.

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In most cases work in your garden will not require planning permission unless you are looking for large structures to be installed or you are in a conservation area. You should seek advice from the relevant councils if you are unsure.


When it comes to choosing your plants you will be influenced by those that you like aesthetically in terms of their colour and structure as well as looking at those that will thrive in your soil type. You can ask advice from your landscaping professional if you aren’t sure of which plants will be best for your design.