About Us

Creating relevant and interesting content on your website is just as important as keeping a regularly updated blog and reaching out through social media. Many businesses overlook the importance of the ‘About Us’ section of their site. There is great marketing potential to be had in this section and it’s one of the most visited parts of any website. People are curious as to who and what they are dealing with so don’t overlook this important page.

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People come to this section to learn more about your business and ethos. They want to know whether they can trust you and take you seriously. Therefore, you need to ensure that the information provided here is engaging, compelling and connects with customers. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Vision

You need to tell people what sets you apart from the rest. What makes you unique? Use this section to explain why you’re unique and what problems you can solve for people. This is all about your ‘brand’, how it all came together and what you’re aiming for in the future. You need to grab people’s interest but this doesn’t have to be a page long essay. Some companies prefer to this with a video presentation. For Cardiff Web Design, visit https://netcentrics.co.uk/

  • Timeline

This is another tool that can be used to take visitors on a journey through your company’s history and mission. This is a great way of telling customers about all your accomplishments and achievements along the way. Make it visually exciting and engaging and use it as an effective tool to fit a lot of information into a fascinating format, much more interesting than words alone.

  • Graphics

If you have a complex concept to put across then it’s sometimes better to use the help of visual graphics rather than get bogged down in a confusing, wordy account. It’s important to get this message across effectively as if visitors don’t understand what you do then they won’t know if they need you or not. Try to avoid industry jargon and use infographics to provide a clearer image of what you do.

  • Staff Profiles

You might want to introduce your team members as the people behind the vision. It doesn’t need to be formal or stuffy as people like to connect to real people so let the personality of your team members shine through. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the people behind the scenes who make the magic happen!

  • Answer these questions

Is your company large or small?

Who’s the boss?

Is it a family-run business, private or public?

Where are you located?

What are your core values?

What makes you better than your competition?

  • Facts

Try not to make it sound like you’re boasting and rely on the facts and not hyped up waffle. Finding some form of middle ground between selling yourself and appearing humble is the best option. Explain why people should use you and what benefits your product has to offer that others can’t. Use a few factual statistics to back up your claims but don’t overcook it.