Pros And Cons Of Delivery Boy Jobs In Your City

Following are the advantages of having a delivery boy job:

  • Increased knowledge:

The benefit of doing the delivery job is the gradual increase of knowledge. Delivery jobs help to increase knowledge about your surroundings. You can know more about your society. As you have to carry things from one place to another, you will know about every street and every corner of your city.

  • Extra money:

Delivery jobs are also a source of extra money in your pocket. When you carry pizza and other food items from door to door, some generous people give you money in the form of tips. That tip is something you are not bound to give to your owner. You can enjoy with that money or you can save it for future use.

  • Responsibility:

These jobs also help to manage time. After school many students waste their time with friends and clubs which cause a bad impact on their personality. Doing these part time jobs help to develop a sense of responsibility. Studies have shown that people who are involved in part time jobs are more responsible than those who were not. People who are doing part time jobs do not waste their time in extra activities.

  • No education:

If anyone is left out by the society because of his education, this field provides them a ground to earn money properly. They can earn money by doing this job. They don’t have to be highly educated and qualified. They just need to learn special communication skills and to drive a vehicle. Delivery boy job in Kolkata helps people to get rid of the unemployment. Delivery executive jobs in Kolkata also help the young people to find jobs related to delivery.


Following are the disadvantages of the delivery boy job:

  • Hectic and tough:

Although there are many benefits of these jobs, but this does not mean that it will always go smooth and easy. Sometimes these jobs can get pretty hectic and tough. Especially on occasions, when there is a lot of work, you have to be on duty more than required. This can make you tired and this part time job will take full time energy.

  • Low wages:

There are some people who are paid even less than they should have. Large multinational companies pay a lot forthe workers to keep them working, but small companies and brands do not provide you these options. They sometimes pay you less and take a lot of work from you. This causes a loss of motivation in your job which afterwards turns into hating your job.

  • Wastage of time:

These jobs are done by people in order to save their time from getting wasted, but sometimes there are situations in which it actually becomes the cause of time wasted. It takes so much time that one cannot manage time for other activities. Delivery boy jobs in Kolkata are one of the examples as the Kolkata city is the main metropolitan city in India.