An adjustable bed can help you have a restful night

Elderly people can suffer from arthritic disorders, spinal problems or other medical conditions that make sleeping difficult. An adjustable orthopaedic bed can help to relieve symptoms such as back pain and aid a restful night’s sleep. A new bed could make a real improvement in your quality of life.

How can an adjustable bed help?

Many medical conditions can make a good night’s sleep very difficult to achieve. Chronic pain caused by any of the following conditions can be soothed by an electric adjustable bed that incorporates massage therapy:



Spinal problems

Swollen ankles

Low back pain

Hip problems

Leg ulcers

Many people find that adjustable beds for the elderly can also help with other problems such as insomnia, tension and anxiety. The built in Cyclo-Therapy system uses gentle vibration therapy that has been medically proven to aid relaxation, reduce muscle spasms and improve blood circulation. Unlike some forms of massage that use a hammering technique, it provides a rotating motion that vibrates round and round and up and down to produce the beneficial effects. In addition to the massage therapy that can be used whenever it is required, adjustable beds for the elderly also come with extremely comfortable pocket sprung mattresses for maximum support and durability.

How will an adjustable bed fit into my home?

Whatever style you favour for your home decor, an adjustable bed will complement it. You can choose from traditional designs that will suit most bedrooms or contemporary beds for a more modern home. There are headboards available in a range of styles and colours and the beds themselves also come in various colours and textures, so you are able to customise your bed to suit your home.

What size adjustable beds are available?

When you think about adjustable beds, you may think that single “hospital type” beds are the norm. This could not be farther from the truth. Single adjustable beds for the elderly come in three different widths   2’3″, 2’6″ and 3′, but double beds are also available. For even greater flexibility you could choose a queen bed, which is five feet wide and comprises of two 2’6″ beds, or a king size. King size beds can be six, seven or eight feet wide and incorporate two 3′, 3’6″ or 4′ mattresses. This means that whatever your requirements, you will be able to find a suitable bed for you and your home. If you have a partner with different problems, the two sides can be operated independently so you can both derive maximum benefit from your bed.

Whatever reason you have for choosing an adjustable bed, there is one that will complement your home as well as improve comfort in your day to day life. Being able to sit up at the touch of a button is also a great advantage, whether you simply want to read a book, enjoy a leisurely breakfast or watch television before settling down to sleep for the night. Many people have found that adjustable beds for the elderly have changed their lives for the better, so it is worth investigating further.