Kigurumi Onesies for Parties and Holidays

The trend of wearing cute character onesies has caught on with adults and children alike. The outfit, which has been a huge hit in Japan, has moved beyond Halloween and dress-up parties. People are now wearing these comfortable and adorable items at home, to parties and concerts and even in the streets!

Kigurumi onesies are like jumpsuits, but designed as a cartoon character, animal or fantasy creature. While they were originally designed to be worn as costumes, they have achieved a surprising level of popularity with teens and young adults as a style statement. Perhaps this is because there really is no better way to stand out in a crowd!

Jumpsuits are comfortable and convenient to wear, so these onesies are gaining a lot of fans all over the world. They are great to wear as pyjamas as they are warm, especially during winter months. Still, the primary demand for these items of clothing remains special occasions and parties where dressing in costume is required.

What Kind of Kigurumi Onesies are Available for Parties?

There are many different patterns and characters that are available in these adult jumpsuits, so the choice really depends on personal preference. Most of the designs are created with children’s characters in mind, with cartoon-style farm animals, dragons, unicorns and teddy bears being among the favourites.

Still, the adorable characters are not always restricted to animals or fantasy beasts. There are many onesies available to suit different occasions or themes, like skeletons, aliens and animated moviecharacters. They all retain the basic element of cuteness and comfort as they are made of soft cloth or plush fabric and lined with similar materials.

For Halloween or horror-themed parties, you could dress up in a jumpsuit that looks like a black cat, skeleton or green alien. These fit the theme while remaining adorable and are perfect for adults and children alike. They can also be worn as outfits to a zoo-themed or cartoon-themed party, outdoor event or even a concert!

As warm outfits that are extraordinary and unique, you can wear them outdoors in winter or when you’re lounging around the house. Children and grown-ups can choose their favourite characters (like Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh) and buy them to wear as pyjamas. In fact, the entire family could buy matching or separate onesies to wear together!

While it may seem surprising that this trend has picked up so fast among adults, it’s quite easy to understand when you think about the fact that there is a child in each of us. The thrill of dressing as a cartoon character or cute animal is one that attracts many people. For others, it’s a way of drawing attention to them while looking adorable, rather than dressing to the nines.

There is a new trend being seen now, where people throw onesie parties and everyone is expected to dress in them. Whether you would like to indulge the craze that much or just save your onesies to wear at night or at theme parties, kigurumi onesies should definitely be part of your wardrobe!