Animal feng shui for your home

Most people consider their homes to be a place of comfort and peace. Colour and decor can go a long way in contributing to that kind of harmony, but to enhance the positive ‘chi’ or energy flow in your house you might want to look towards the animal kingdom in the way of feng shui.

The lucky dragon

To attract lucky chi, think of decorating your home with sculptures, symbols or other images of dragons. You will often see dragons depicted on garments in order for the wearer to attract luck and the wealth that comes with it. For even more prosperity you might want to go with green, red or purple dragons when decorating your home.

Goldfish for prosperity

These easy going, gold animals are revered because of their fluid movements. It is believed that it mimics the movement that healthy chi makes.

Fu dogs to guard the entrance to your home

A pair of these, also known as buddha’s lions, will ward off any negative energy. Although their ability is not governed by their size, a well proportioned dog-house ratio is always better on the eye. These stone creatures that resemble both lion and flat faced dog, have been guarding Asian homes since the beginning of time. The can provide all the answers to the history and application of feng shui in modern day life. If the strangeness of Fu dogs puts you off, you might want to look around online at artists that specialise in sculpting wildlife animals such as

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The consistency of the three-legged frog.

An ancient tale tells of how a frog brought golden coins to the person that saved him from a well. A little statue of a frog holding a coin in its mouth represents a never-ending source of money. To share in this consistent source of wealth one should place the frog at the entrance to your home. Bronze wildlife sculptures of frogs or turtles can artfully enhance the beauty of your home whilst improving the positive energy flow.

More animals that create luck include red bats, cranes, elephants and turtles. Knowing this might bring any animal lover, wanting to improve their luck, just a little bit closer to creating a beautiful home by including some basic feng shui symbols of wealth and prosperity.