Supporting Staff in Relocation

Once a new employee from overseas has been recruited with visa paperwork finalised, focus now moves to relocation and settlement. Supporting employees and their families in this stage can build trust, loyalty and a successful relocation.

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Finish Employment Contracts

Ensure copies of employment contracts are sent to the employee, along with any relevant documents. It is also a good idea to provide information on the organisation’s annual reports, media releases and staff newsletters, to introduce the company and culture before arriving.

The Welcome Pack

Preparing a welcome pack containing information on local facilities and services is a good way of greeting an overseas employee into the business. The pack should include:

• Addresses and phone numbers of banks, schools, libraries and shops
• Local public transport information and timetables
• Taxi phone numbers
• Local restaurants, supermarkets and takeaway menus
• Local culture and community organisations
• Places of worships

It is also good practice to ask the new employee about themselves and their family to tailor the welcome pack to their needs. Information around ages of children, pets, interests and hobbies can help create a useful welcome pack. Consider preparing a brief questionnaire for them to complete, or ask informally over email.

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Family Requirements

Living in a new country is a challenging experience, even more so when it involves moving families. However, a successful relocation can be a vastly positive event, and an investment in the employee. The support that you give to plan the move and help adjust to their new environment and their new workplace, will be greatly appreciated.

Relocation Services

Many businesses use a professional relocation company to move the employee to a new country. Consider the use of a corporate relocation company such as

With Brexit on the horizon, many companies are currently contemplating relocation.

Temporary Accommodation

Finding new accommodation can be daunting, and employers can make use of their local knowledge to inform the new employee of suitable places to live and stay. Consider providing temporary accommodation for their arrival to welcome them and take some of the strain off their shoulders.

Online Communities

Expatriate forums and online communities can be wonderful resources for new employees. They enable new migrants to connect with others that have already made the journey and settled in a new location.