Contemporary exterior cladding: what are the options? cladding in a variety of materials, colours and combinations, is increasingly popular as a way to add kerb appeal to your property. Here are some stylish exterior cladding options.

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No direction

Wooden cladding doesn’t have to be limited to run in just one direction. Boards running vertically add a sense of height and contrast can be introduced to sections of a home, such as around a balcony, with boards running horizontally. This adds texture and interest, even if it’s the same wood used in multiple places.

Two tone

Introducing light and shade, with two tones in brick cladding or wooden boards, can emphasise certain features of a home’s exterior, give a sense of depth and texture to the surface and create a striking unique look for your home. Brick slips in blacks, reds, yellows and greys can add drama, or stained wooden cladding can coordinate with window frames or other details of your property.

Modern history

With cladding, you can bring a modern edge to an otherwise older property. By using a finish such as Brickspan cladding from Telling Architecture, you can give a new sense of historic style to any property, as well as adding a contemporary new look on older bases.

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Emphasise features

If your home has large spans of windows, a dramatic doorway or cosy balcony, cladding can be a great way to emphasise these features. Natural wood cladding in vertical panels can accent space between windows, and brick cladding can give the exterior facade of an entryway a grand appearance.

All over

Homebuilding and Renovation says that the main reason for choosing house cladding is to change the way your house looks. Cladding can be used all over a property, on the roof, exterior walls and flooring, to give a clean unfussy look. It gives an impression of confidence and willingness to try something unusual without being too unusual or clashing with the local style or using outlandish materials.

There are many reasons to use cladding on your home, from insulating your house to protecting your home from the elements. With a choice of facing materials including wood, stone, brick, render and PVC cladding, providing it is designed sensitively and properly installed, cladding can give longevity and style to your home. Which type of cladding will you choose?