Coping with a wedding during a heatwave

The weather in the UK can be notoriously unreliable, but a heatwave like the one we have been experiencing requires extra thought when planning a wedding. Higher temperatures can mean potential health concerns, but there are several simple steps that could make all the difference.

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Drink, drink, drink (water!)

By far the most important thing is to ensure everyone is kept well-hydrated, as discussed in the Evening Standard. A celebratory atmosphere can lead to excessive drinking, but try to help everyone drink alcohol in moderation. A great tip is to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. Any good Gloucester Hotel wedding venue should have water available, but consider making a special request for regularly replenished jugs of iced water to be placed at every table. Also have a chat to ensure there is a tempting range of cold soft drinks for all the guests.

Keep eating

With the nerves and excitement of the busy day, it can be hard to make time to eat, but this is just as important to keep yourself going right to the end of the party! An easy and delicious idea to help the bridal party whilst they get ready is plenty of fresh fruit, which will be easy to snack on as they get ready but is also refreshing and helps increase energy levels with the natural sugars.

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Another great tip is to ask your wedding coordinator at Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue Hatton Court Hotel to prepare a plate of food for both the bride and groom whenever food is available to ensure they keep eating even whilst they’re busy having fun!

Keep cool

When the temperatures rise, both guests and the bridal party can start to feel uncomfortable. Some venues may have air conditioning, but have a chat with them beforehand to check and if not, whether fans could be brought in. Another easy but effective idea would be ice packs or cold flannels to have under clothing or press against the neck to cool down. Ask your Gloucester hotel wedding venue if they can get some prepared if required on the day.

Extreme weather does not need to spoil your day and could even improve it if you prepare ahead and are sensible on the day. Most importantly of all, enjoy every moment.