Make Up Tips for Over 50s

As we get older, those fine lines and wrinkles can make applying cosmetics a trickier affair. Here are some great tips for applying make-up for those of us who are over 50:

Ditch the powder

Powder coats and adds a matt finish to our face. This is useful if you have oily skin, but as oil production dips as we age, chances are a powder will just leave you looking dry and dusty. To hold make-up in place, consider using a spray instead. A thin layer of moisturiser covered by make-up with light reflective particles and then a spray will provide extra hydration and give you that youthful glow again.

Overcome those mouth lines

Over the years, the elasticity in our skin breaks down and all the signs of laughter and living begin to show, in particular around our mouths and eyes. Consider the benefits of Belfast Dermal Fillers from

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If you suffer from any sagging around the mouth this can cause slight shadowing. You’ll want to add a little concealer around the mouth the even out any discolouration. This can be applied after your lipstick and helps to clean up any messy lines around your lips too. Adding a couple of dots of concealer or highlighter onto your lips after setting your lip colour will also help to make your lips stand out more. Use a small stiff cosmetics brush to pat it until it’s blended with the lip colour to make lips more voluminous.

Thicker eyelashes

Other signs of aging include hair-thinning and eyelash loss. One way to combat eyelash loss is to make sure you are completely removing all mascara each night. Conditioning your eyelashes is also important, so use baby oil to remove your make-up. Avoid getting it directly in your eyes. A few drops onto a cotton pad with your eye closed is the best method.

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DIY lip colour

Finding a flattering lip colour can become tough. Don’t despair but you’re your own. If you have an eye shadow or blush that you love, you can make your own lipstick. Scrape out some of the powder and mix with petroleum jelly or lip balm. By adding more lip balm or more colour, you stay in control of the shade and find a colour that flatters you best.

Stay fresh

Applying a thick layer of foundation to hide away isn’t going to do you any favours. Even a make-up free but beautifully moisturised face will look more youthful and glowing. A great compromise is to take a small blob of your foundation and mix it in with a small amount of your favourite moisturiser for a fresh-faced, barely there look.