Five benefits of high-speed hand dryers

The public rightly demand clean, practical and working facilities in public places and especially in public conveniences. Whether it is in a 5-star hotel, or the toilets in a shopping mall, the provision of hand dryers is essential.

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Types of Hand Dryer

There are two types of hand dryer available; firstly, the standard warm air type which has been around for many years, or the more up to date high-speed hand dryer which was introduced at the turn of the century. The other option available is the more traditional paper hand towel.

Cost Effectiveness

An electric hand dryer obviously comes with higher installation costs than a hand towel dispenser, and depending on the layout of the facility, there may be additional electrical costs involved on top of the installation. However, it can be worth the investment, as over time this will prove to be much more cost effective.

It is always worth asking for professional advice, and companies such as this washroom supplier Gloucestershire simplehygienesolutions customers use can advise on legal requirements and recommend suitable solutions for individual premises. The recent ‘World Toilet Day’ highlighted the plight of many workers who have substandard facilities or no provision at all.

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Environmental Impact

To supply paper towels requires production, transportation and manpower to both maintain the dispenser and manage the disposal of the used towels. This is in addition to the negative impact paper towels have on the environment, and research has shown that hand dryers can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Hygiene Benefits

The standard and appearance of public conveniences says a lot about the company that provides them for their guests or customers. Recent reports about electric hand dryers spreading germs have resulted in some members of the public preferring to use hand towels, despite the environmental impact. However, high speed hand dryers have been shown to be up to six times more hygienic than paper towel dispensers and don’t result in used paper towels being left on sinks, the floor and in overflowing bins.

Customer Satisfaction

Just as customers wouldn’t return to a restaurant where they had a bad meal, they are also unlikely to return to a facility where the toilets are below standard and make for an unpleasant experience, so investing in facilities is essential for customer satisfaction.