Funky Furniture… Made Of Plastic!

It’s brightly coloured, wipe-clean and suits every room in the house, what’s not to love?

In the kitchen
Bar stools – I’m not suggesting you install a fully-licensed bar in your kitchen, just accessorise your breakfast bar with plastic seating for a touch of glamorous dining in the morning.
Wine rack – Believe me, you can get plastic wine racks in every shape, size, colour and design but the best thing about them is that they are lightweight and strong; most designs are stackable too so if your collection grows, so can your wine rack!

While you dine
Dining chairs – If you suffer from the same problem as I do, it’s usually spaghetti night that you can’t aim your fork to your mouth and half of your dinner ends up down your shirt. The other half sometimes ends up on the chair so having wipe-clean seating is really useful when it comes to cleaning up any spillages.
Lampshade – Before you assume, it won’t melt. Specially-designed acrylic plastics are widely available and they can withstand the heat your light bulb will generate. If you’re bored of the yellow/white glow in your dining room, a multi-coloured plastic lampshade will certainly brighten it up.

For the living room
Coffee table – If you’re not a huge fan of the modern and minimalistic design style then you may have to search a little harder for a coffee table which takes your fancy. However, there are some great ones featuring intricate detail which will please those after a traditional look.
Vase – A lot safer than their older and heavier glass equivalents, plastic vases are perfect for the child and pet-friendly home.

Bathroom kitsch

Accessories – With ceramics ruling the roost in the bathroom, adding a splash of colour via plastic accessories will bring some personality to your bathroom. Towel railings, soap dispensers, shower curtains and bathmats are the main items you should consider whilst browsing.

Especially for the bedroom
Shoe boxes – An opaque shoe box has an much use as an oven without a glass window so save yourself the trouble of opening all the boxes to find your favourite pair and just buy clear boxes!

Home Office
Desk monitor stand – If the desk in your office is a little short of space then a two-tiered monitor stand will help to utilise your room. Place the screen on top, your keyboard underneath and hey presto… your paper and folders have more room to spread out!