How To Build An Amazing Staff

As the year draws to a close, most companies are in the process of reviewing their year-end results.  Productivity, revenue, margins, opportunities, and new trends in the field are being analyzed.  As current-year goal achievements are being evaluated, new goals are being decided for the upcoming year.  For many companies, new hire planning will be a vital element to their ongoing success.  This means thinking outside the box to staff your company.  From executive recruiters to posting online, it is important to know which hiring methods will attract the most qualified employee for each available position.

For Entry-Level Employees
For entry-level employees, the most common types of job posting can prove effective.  Casting a wide net will catch you more fish, after all.  Posting to online job search site, utilizing social media outreach, and attending job fairs is the way to go.  These venues will attract the widest audience, and will make it easier for potential job candidates to find your company.  However, due to the current economic climate and high unemployment rate, you will likely attract a wide variety of experience levels even for entry level positions.  Be as specific as possible in your job descriptions to make it easier for your human resources coordinator in the initial screening process.

For Mid-Level Employees
The search for mid-level employees can be a bit more tricky.  Since your company is seeking out people with experience in the field, you need to be a bit more discerning in your approach.  Posting to your company’s website, trade journals, LinkedIn, and industry-specific online portals is usually the best route here.  The logic is that these people, having already attained some experience and industry expertise, will know where to look.  By posting to these places, you will weed out amateurs that may not have the particular skill set or industry-specific knowledge that you are looking for to fill these positions.

For Senior-Level Employees
When seeking out people to shake things up at your company, you need leaders and visionaries.  These people are experienced in their field, and won’t necessarily be utilizing generic job search methods.  As such, you may want to hire an agency to seek out the people that could help lead your company into a more profitable year.  Executive recruiters are excellent at attracting top talent, narrowing down the field so you won’t waste time interviewing and screening candidates.  Establishing a good relationship with a recruiting agency can help expedite the process.  The process will result in more than just a smaller screened stack of resumes to be reviewed, but should also include notes on the candidates, with opinions on which person or people will be the best fit for the job.

Be sure to tailor your company’s job search tactics to be appropriate for the type of employee you need and level of position you want to fill.