Great ideas for an Easter party

Easter is one of the most important times of the year for British people. Religious or not, the festival allows us to enjoy time off with family, as well as giving us the chance to eat plenty of chocolate without feeling guilty!

If you have little ones, there is the added bonus of watching their faces light up as they hunt for eggs in the garden or anticipate the Easter Bunny’s arrival.

So, just how do you entertain small children during the Easter holidays? Are you tired of the same old party games, and would like to inject a bit more variety to the festival this year?

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Well, you’ve come to the right place – here, we give you just a few ideas for keeping the kids entertained during this year’s Easter celebrations.

The hunt is on!

One of the more traditional games for Easter is, of course, the egg hunt. According to the Birmingham Mail, the largest ever Easter egg hunt took place in the USA, when more than 9,500 children hunted down over 500,000 eggs.

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This year, instead of just hiding eggs around the garden and letting the kids loose on a mad dash to find them, why not make it more challenging by planting clues around the house, each one leading to another clue until the end prize of an egg? You could finish the hunt out in the garden, and use your kids’ play equipment – such as the wooden climbing frames available at – to hide the eggs in.

Eggy games

Painting eggshells is a popular idea, but have you thought about other fun games you can play with eggs?

Why not fill a large jar with the smaller eggs, and ask the kids to guess how many there are?

Or, using real eggs, play toss the egg – where the youngsters throw an egg back and forth, taking a step backwards each time they catch it. Inevitably, someone will end up dropping it, so make sure this is played outside! If you don’t want to make too much mess, you could use hard boiled eggs.

Other games include the traditional egg and spoon and sack races – great for keeping the kids active. Or you could conduct science experiments using eggs – there are several, safe and easy ones online to try.