Velvet Shoes: The Week’s Purchases

I think we have not yet discussed the autumn trends that will become our day to day. That theme I will leave for the next few days, because today I fancied a post about shopping of the week. Yesterday I was in some of my favorite stores and I was struck by how much velvet we are going to see in the coming months. Without doubt, the velvet shoes have managed to fall in love. So today I have been reviewing what options we have in this regard.


Classic moccasin: These classic, spiky and marine moccasins are great. These are those velvet shoes that we can wear endlessly for a lot of time. The price of this model is 29.95 dollar.

Boot heel: Some booties with the heel wide and square are a good option too. These from Zara have enchanted me and I think it will be one of my bets for the fall. They cost 39.95 dollar.

Sportswear: In Zara, we also have these velvet shoes sporty style and wide sole in white. Undoubtedly, the maroon velvet is one of the strongest bets fall. The price of the shoes is 25.95 dollar.

Moccasins: Other moccasins are Zara’s choice to advocate for this material. This time it is more urban pieces, which we can buy both green and blue. The best its price, because they only cost 19.95 euros.


Slippers: Mango also bet on the sports-cut velvet shoes. They are very similar to those of burgundy color of Zara, but with clear nuances. I would say that it is a clone of the Puma Creepers, but with a lot of style. The black sole and matching laces make the difference. Its price is 35.99 dollar.

Sandals: All velvet shoes we are seeing, these velvety sandals Mango are my favorites. Wide heel, bracelet and marsala color. A resounding 10. They cost 39.99 dollar.


Booty tip: In Asos also bet by the shoes of velvet. These shapeless mauve shorts are ideal. They cost 40.99 dollar.

Booty pink: Another option, with bigger heel and quite wide are these boots in pale pink, that cost 43.99 dollar.

Musketeers: We completed the review of velvet shoes of the season with these knee boots Asos. To see, I see them very complicated to combine and quite striking, but, hey! Some Kim Kardashian of the world is sure to adore them. They cost 69.99 dollar.