How To Make Your Wedding Reception The Most Memorable

From your wedding invitations, the ceremony location, and the reception venue, to the food, flowers, and entertainment – every aspect of your wedding is important to ensure a memorable day for you and your guests! While there are seemingly-countless themes, color choices, and details from which to choose (all that can seem a bit overwhelming) there are a handful of specific components to include at your wedding reception that will guarantee to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone of all ages! These particular ingredients include: a live band, a photo booth, and a great cocktail hour!

The Basics
There is no comparison between a hired DJ and a live band! Although a DJ can play a number of different genres of music, having a live band makes the entertainment more authentic. It’s important, however, to make sure the band you choose has experience doing weddings, can play a variety of your favorite tunes, and will be professional (arrive on time, dress appropriately, not imbibe in the alcoholic beverages, and stick to your predetermined play list.)

A Photo booth
In addition to securing a live band, having a photo booth rental in NJ at your wedding reception adds a unique, fun, and memorable touch to the event! Friends and family members can pose with members of the wedding party, take solo pics, or be in group shots with fun props! Although it ought to be a necessity on every wedding planner’s list of things to include at a wedding reception, many couples don’t even think of it! Guests of all ages can enjoy the fun and entertainment of one (or more) at your reception! The captured poses can then be souvenirs for the guests, or you can request that the guests leave the photos behind so that you can make a video or photo collage with all the photos to then share with everyone who attended the reception!

Finger Food & Drinks
The third (of several) absolutely “must haves” at a wedding reception include great appetizers and fun cocktails! The happy hour prior to the formal wedding reception sets the entire tone for the rest of the evening. Having plenty of hot, small hors d’oeuvres for guests with disparate tastes, paired with delicious cocktails served in interesting glassware is sure to be a hit! It’s important to include an array of appetizers – some with meat, some with cheese, some all veggie, some spicy, some soft, and some crunchy – so that everyone can have something to eat (and enjoy) before the night’s main party event. You’ll want to consider the grandparents, the children, and the adults your age when selecting your appetizer menu! And, of course, for the cocktails – it’s important to offer just as many fun non-alcoholic choices as well.