How to stay in her good books

With Christmas only just passed, Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. These celebrations just keep sneaking up on us quicker every year. You’re probably still feeling the sting in your wallet but with a little pre-planning, there is no need for a lame gift or a late night trip to the petrol station for the last remaining, withered bunch of flowers. Here are some handy tips so you won’t get left out in the cold this February 14th.

Flowers – nothing says ‘I love you’ more than splashing out on a really nice bouquet. A small bunch from the supermarket doesn’t take much effort and doesn’t cost much either and she’s going to know that. You might feel you have to add to it with chocolates which she won’t thank you for as she’s probably still on a post-Christmas, pre-Summer diet! So, the best advice is to order a lovely, great big bunch and have them delivered. That way, she’ll know how much effort you went to and you’ll have spent enough in one go without having to throw chocolates into the mix.

Adult Sex toys – why not invest in something that will pleasure you both. This one, you might need her input for so do a little research together and find something that is going to fun, sensual and means you’re not going to want to leave the house all weekend! For more information, visit Lingerie is another great Valentine’s gift but be sure to check the right sizing first!

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Spa Day – there are not many people who would turn their nose up at a day of relaxation and pampering. If you don’t fancy joining her then make sure you book for her to take a friend as well as no-one wants to go alone. Include a massage or a mani-pedi session and pack her off to be spoilt rotten.

Experience Day – does she have a hobby or is she always telling you how much she’s love to do something? If so, then there is most likely an experience day catering for that very thing. Physical gifts are nice to open but might not mean much in the passing of time. An experience however, can be remembered for a lifetime and a good experience should last for a few hours or all day so is great value for money. There are so many to choose from, for example, chocolate tours, tank driving, hot air ballooning, photo shoots, whale watching, animal encounters and rally driving.

Jewellery – this can be a bit of a gamble so make sure you feel confident about she likes and can wear, or if she’s allergic to anything. You can always enlist the help of a friend or her mother if you’re struggling. A classic pendant or personalised locket is a beautiful gift, as is a stylish pair of earrings or personalised bracelet.