Most Expensive Areas to Live In London

Kensington Square W8 – Average Price – £1,735,484

The streets are lined with the real rich living in row after row of multi million pound homes. You will find Russian oligarchs and Indian Steel magnates sharing the row with city bankers and very wealthy entrepreneurs there is even a few heirs to vast family fortunes as well. This area really shows off the stunning high figures that UK house Prices can reach with the above house on the market for a cool £6million. Kensington is part for the rich triangle that is Kensington, Knightsbridge and Pimlico all very exclusive in their own right but its Kensington the rules the gilt lined roost it is in fact the most expensive place to live in the entire UK.

SW3 Chelsea – Average Price – £1,324,479

In fact just neighbouring Kensington so again in the South, which is mainly where the money gravitates but Chelsea deserves its own recognition of being somewhat trendier than the above golden egg haunts. Chelsea is home to the famous Kings road and is home to footballers, stars of the screen and stage and the more trendy young rich clubbers heading into and falling out of clubs such as the Collection.

Most Expensive Areas to Live In London

Notting Hill – Average Price – £1,173,459 minus

Not to let the South have a premium paint whitewash here the next on the top list is Notting Hill the scene of that great star packed movie, er Notting Hill. Here its home to the actors, writers and luvvys of London. Great nick knack shops with nick knack the likes of you and I couldn’t afford and Vintage clothing stores with original Vivian Westwood outfits are what you will find its bo-ho but with a somewhat larger than normal price tag.