Signs you have too much stuff

Although it should be easy to determine whether you have too much stuff, most of us who are guilty of this become ‘clutter blind’. So, how do you know if you have too much?

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Can I find what I need when I need it? How long will it take for me to find what I’m looking for?

Do I end up buying a replacement for the things that I already own because I cannot find the original?

Does every item in the house have a place where it belongs?

Do I follow the rule of ‘like with like’ so all similar items are grouped together?

Do I need to store items somewhere other than my home? Have you taken it to a storage facility because you cannot hold all the stuff you own? For more information on Self Storage Chorley, visit a site like Andrew Porter Self Storage Chorley

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Do I regularly find excuses for the way my home looks?

Do I feel ashamed of how my home appears to others? Do others in your family feel embarrassed by the state of the house? Do they hate to invite people into the home? Is the state of it a source of continual conflict between you and other family?

Do I keep hold of and store important sentimental items but in a manner where they will be destroyed or allowed to deteriorate? For items of such importance, do you wonder why you don’t take better care of them? We need to stop storing things that are good for later – use it now!