Upgrading your home the easy way

Whether you’re handy with a paint brush or gardening tools or better at briefing the professionals to do it, there are lots of easy ways you can upgrade your home.

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Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Painting the cabinets and appliances in your kitchen can transform how it looks, with bright colours proving a popular alternative to wood-effect finishes in recent years. Greens, pinks and shades of cream are often chosen to bring light and a sense of personality to a kitchen, and you could upgrade your cabinets by painting them in a weekend.

Install New Windows

The effect of adding new windows to your home can be huge, with many adding value to your home as well as reducing the cost of your energy bills, especially if they incorporate double glazing. There are many different options appropriate for homes of different ages and homeowners with different budgets.

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Put in a Plant

Pinterest users revealed that plants are a big trend for interior design in 2019, according to The Independent. While some homeowners go so potty for plants that they install a living wall, most stick to planting up cactus or succulents in a selection of colourful pots. As well as looking great, the inclusion of plants can also upgrade the air quality in your home.

Lay a New Floor

Walking on cold tiles or bare floorboards can be cold and a little uncomfortable, but the prospect of installing carpet can be daunting to do yourself. Cork flooring is a good option for anyone wanting to install an eco-friendly new floor, as it’s a natural product that is durable, comfortable and easy to fit, with many suppliers offering snap-together engineered panels that can sit on top of existing flooring and provide an insulated new floor. Before you lay any flooring you will want to make sure that you have a smooth surface underneath and this may require you to contact a Ready Mix Concrete Kent company to provide you with the materials that you need.

Install New Appliances

Old dishwashers, washing machines or fridges could be wreaking havoc with your water and electricity bills, with energy- and water-efficient models easy to install yourself. However, many suppliers offer installation as part of the delivery package.

You may also want to think about updating your kitchen tap to include a water-filtration system so you can ditch buying expensive bottles of water and drink purer water straight from your taps.