Simple Steps to Improve Your Shooting Skills in Netball

Netball is one of the most popular female sports in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and other Commonwealth countries. It is played by an estimated 20 million girls and women worldwide. The sport is played at all levels and features on the PE curriculum in British schools. The International Netball Federation (INF) has more than 60 affiliated national teams.


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While the international competitions and national league competitions are fiercely competitive, there are leagues and social competitions for participants at all levels. Even those new to the game, or who haven’t played since their school days, will find a league to suit their skill and fitness levels. National governing body websites such as are good place to start looking for leagues.

To ease you into the game, here are some pointers on how to improve your shooting skills.

Shot Preparation

Standing in the shooting ‘D’, ensure that your feet, elbows and shoulders are facing the post and that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Hold the ball in one hand – preferably your strong hand – above the head, supporting it with the other hand. Stretch your hands above your head and bend your elbows to a right angle so that you can see them. Now focus your eyes on a point above the centre of the net.

Shooting the Ball

Bend your elbows and knees slightly and as you straighten again, release the ball and push it upwards with some backspin. This will give the shot more control and prevent you overshooting. As you release the ball, move your hands backwards and push the ball upwards and forwards, like an overhead pass. Gain power by bending your knees and rise to your toes as you shoot.

To learn more about the rules of netball, check out the website of the International Netball Federation.


Shooting is an important skill that takes time to develop but is essential for those who play in a shooting position. Netball drills are a good way to improve shooting skills and to make practice more interesting. Drills are particularly good for recreating game-like situations. For drill ideas, view a netball drill video from sportplan.

And remember, the more you practise the better and more consistent you will get.