Special Summer Houses

With the better weather soon to be upon us, you’ll be wanting to throw open the doors and windows and spend some time outside. If you are thinking about adding some extra living space to your property or are in desperate of need of a great spot for entertaining then spare a thought for the summer house. This is the new must-have accessory for your garden. A very clever way to maximise home space, a summer house can have a variety of purposes –  as saunas, offices, spare rooms or even a gym.

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They are most definitely not ‘sheds’ as they are far more sophisticated than that, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and will be a stylish addition to your garden space.

A further benefit is that you will have an interesting talking point when it comes to hosting the great British garden party. You can choose to have decking for your summer house which makes an ideal spot for a table and chairs, a barbecue and some fairy lights for a perfect summer evening get together with friends and family.

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An ideal low maintenance alternative to building an extension and could even become the ultimate man cave. It is a very personal space and can be designed exactly how you want it. An added benefit is that should you ever move to another property, you can take it with you. For bespoke Summer Houses Northern Ireland, visit http://www.morrowsectionalbuildings.com/summer_houses.

A summer house also makes a pleasant escape from being couped up inside the house and you can use it for spending time on hobbies without taking up too much space in the house. You can equip it with anything you like whilst having great views of your garden. They are a lovely way to feel a little bit closer to nature and you can enjoy the great outdoors with the benefit of shelter for those summer rain showers.

The summer houses also make fantastic spaces for working from home as sometimes it’s better to have a change of scenery from working in the home as it’s too easy to get distracted by other things that need doing. They are also popular with writers and artists who can use the quiet space to develop their work without interruption. They can be customised to be as chic or as basic as you require.

The great thing is that due to their size, the houses don’t need planning permission like an extension would. Where a house is placed in the owner’s garden then no permission is required. The only exceptions that would need checking are: if your home is a listed building, you live in a conservation area or there are restrictions in your property deeds due to the area being owned by the National Trust.